Souvenir design 0.5 L

«Golden Lynx »

  • Souvenir design 0.5 L

Classical cooking technique, namely using rectified spirit "Lux" with the addition of ascorbic acid, allowed to give vodka "Golden Lynx" exceptional, impeccable taste. In addition, this vodka undergoes additional treatment with activated carbon, which provides a mild flavor inherent to her.

Strength 40°
Composition corrected drinking water, rectified ethyl alcohol from food raw materials "Lux", food additives: ascorbic acid, glucose.

Modern technology and original recipes based on the cherished old traditions.

Are you looking for a present for your colleague, friend or relative or for some souvenirs for visitors of Belarus? Then you should draw your attention to the souvenir products made by the Gomel Distillery. Leather and cloth bar-books, leather shtoffs and exquisite hand-made bottles, porcelain painted shtoffs and original accompanying tableware are the best presents to remember. Filled with high-quality "Radamir" production, these souvenirs bring joy not only to the eyes, but also to the soul. They are symbols of good taste and solid friendship. Vodkas of "Radamir" trademark in souvenir design are a real piece of art and a perfect present.

Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to health